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Penis Enlargement Surgery

about-weight-loss-surgery-ga-1Like all forms of plastic surgery, penis enlargement surgery is not completely safe.

After all, invasive plastic surgery procedures require the usage of general anesthetic, which carries its own degree of risk.

In addition, men who go under the knife in order to attain longer, thicker penises may be susceptible to infections or complications.

Because recovery from this sort of surgery may be very uncomfortable, men who sign on for this delicate operation often regret it later on. ‘

While a percentage of patients do experience excellent results and no adverse side effects, there are others who just don’t get the results that they were looking for.

The problem with penis enlargement surgery is that it may not provide an aesthetically pleasing result. Sometimes, surgery won’t go as planned, and men will end up with lumpy penises that just don’t seem sexually attractive.

Obviously, since one of the key goals of penile plastic surgery of this type is to make the male organ more sexually appealing, ending up with a misshapen penis is a worst-case scenario that happens more often than you would think.

While you may minimize the risk of a bad experience by hiring a board-certified plastic surgeon to get the job done, there will never be any guarantees.

In addition, the cost of penis enlargement surgery is very high. The better your plastic surgeon is, the more that you will pay. This type of plastic surgery will generally cost about 7k to 10k. As you can see, choosing to go the plastic surgery route is risky, a little scary, and very, very expensive.

Consider Natural Penis Enlargement Strategies

To avoid the plastic surgeon’s scalpel, why not explore natural penis enlargement strategies? One of the best ways to enjoy more length and girth, without any side effects or risks, is to try out penis enlargement pills.

Today’s most effective formulas, such as VigRX Plus, are perfect choices that boost blood flow through completely natural means.

Fortified with a range of natural botanicals, vitamins and minerals, natural penis enlargement pills may also boost male libido and improve male reproductive health.

Look for penis enlargement pills that contain the purest extracts and essences, such as Gingko Biloba and Saw Palmetto Berry. Zinc is also an important component in many penis enlargement pills.

Another strategy is to use penis enlargement exercises alongside a dietary regimen that includes penis enlargement pills.

Dietary supplements like VigRX Plus male enhancement pills will ensure that penis enlargement exercises work more effectively.

By boosting circulation and purifying the male reproductive system, the best male enhancement pills work magic in just weeks.

For this reason, they are the perfect complement to any penis enlargement exercise routine.

Now that you know more about penis enlargement surgery, you’ll be ready to choose the strategy that is truly right for you.

For most men, selecting good-quality penis enlargement pills is the key to success.

In six to eight weeks, you’ll get the size gains that you need, without any adverse side effects of symptoms. Results will continue for as long as you take the pills.

Penis Enlargement Solutions

9800353-paper-airplane-strategy-success-solutionsYou’re probably aware of the various types of penis enlargement options that are out there, but do you have a firm grasp over how they work?

Here is a rundown about the variety of treatments that men are using to increase the size of their penis:

  • Vacuum Pump (A.K.A. Penis Pump): This option revolves around using suction to stretch and pull on penis tissue. Basically, it is comprised of a small, cylindrical device that is placed all the way around the penis. These pumps cover the entire penis and are clamped at the base using a ring. While this method is extremely effective, it can take a few months to see any noticeable results.
  • Weight Stretching: This is an option that revolves around using weights to produce similar results as penis pumps. Again, this is a method that will require a great deal of dedication. You’ll need to wear a weight that is strapped to your penis for at least six hours per day and continue this cycle for at least six months.
  • Pills and Ointments: Pills and ointments can also produce some considerable results assuming that you’re using credible products. These types of methods are also quite cost-efficient so they are perfect if you are on a budget.

The Ins and Outs of Penis Enlargement Surgery

Aside from the above methods, some men go directly to surgery in order to increase the size of their penis.

And while this method has a much higher likelihood for success, it does contain a couple of drawbacks, which could include loss of feeling within the penis itself.

Either way, these are the two main types of penis enlargement surgeries that you can choose from:

  • Surgery to Increase Length: As the title infers, these types of surgeries are designed to increase the length of your penis. Basically, the procedure will involve cutting the ligament that connects the pelvic bone to the penis. In general, you should be able to see a noticeable difference of about an inch in regards to penis size.
  • Surgery to Increase Width: Secondly, you can choose to have your penis operated on in order to make it thicker. Surgeons generally use silicone and various fats to accomplish this.

Which Method Works Best?

In regards to effectiveness, the penis pump tends to be the leader. Just remember that you really need to be dedicated to the process for it to product significant results.

In regards to pricing, all of the options besides surgery are fairly cost efficient and safe.

VigRx Plus Full Review

vigrx-plusLet’s face it. There isn’t a male out there under the sun who doesn’t secretly long to be better in bed, more sexually potent, or better endowed.

Giving things the old college try will only get you so far.

There are a number of male enhancement solutions and dietary supplements out there claiming to be able to help.

However, it can be difficult to determine which ones are truly worth investing in and which are just scams. That’s where VigRx Plus comes in!

What can VigRx do for you?

VigRx Plus is the top product on the market today and with good reason. Based on a one-of-a-kind formula, it’s capable of increasing penis size up to 30%.

It has also been proven to increase male libido and sexual performance by leaps and bounds. What’s more, VigRx Plus is an improved version of the already popular original VigRx, so it covers more bases than ever before for even more powerful results.

In addition to boosts to your overall size and your libido, VigRx works to help make sex better for both you and your partner overall. Your erection will become firmer and last longer.

You’ll also find that sexual pleasure in general, the amount of semen in your ejaculation, and the strength of your orgasms will be much greater than you are currently used to. It helps improve your mood overall as well!

What sets VigRx Plus apart from the competition?

The secret to the results people are seeing with VigRx Plus lies not only in the ingredients used, but in their quality, as well as the unique way they are blended together in order to deliver.

Only the highest quality and most potent herbal concentrates from South America, Europe, and China are used to give you the same level of quality men everywhere have come to trust.

Also, with the addition of the new Plus formula to the mix, this already time-tested formula works even better than before.

This is thanks to the addition of Bioperine, an additive that is expected to start taking the entire health world by storm for the way it enhances the performance of already terrific products.

How long does it take to see results?

The manufacturers of VigRx recommend allowing 4-6 weeks in order to see maximum results. By then you should definitely be noticing an improvement in your size and your overall sexual experience.

However, some mean see results faster than that. As with the original formula, you do not need a prescription to try VigRx Plus and it does not come attached to any side effects or drawbacks.

There Website:

Affordable Penis Enlargement Tips

helpful_tips_imageNo matter how old or young you are, you’ll find that is it possible to grow your penis and to enjoy stronger, rock-hard erections.

The key to getting amazing results is choosing a penis enlargement strategy that really works.

While you may have been disappointed by penis enlargement products and techniques that you’ve tried in the past, you may rest assured that the most effective formulas and methods will not be disappointments.

The key to having a positive experience is avoiding bogus products and methods and concentrating on those with proven track records.

For example, ordering high-quality penis enlargement pills online will assist you in growing your penis, without adverse side effects or symptoms.

These types of pills are safe, natural and totally safe for your body. They work by boosting blood flow to the penis. Increased blood flow triggers much stronger erections that also have a longer, thicker look.

The best penis enlargement pills contain active natural ingredients, such as Saw Palmetto Berry and Asian Red Ginseng. Other common ingredients in these types of male enhancement pills include hot pepper plant extract and Gingko Biloba.

The manufacturers of effective, safe and gentle male enhancement pills create formulations that contain the purest extracts, vitamins and minerals.

That’s why taking these pills regularly will be the secret of easy, safe and dependable penis enlargement. Another benefit of taking these sorts of pills is that they may improve male reproductive health.

Men who suffer from loss of libido may also enjoy pronounced feelings of desire when they use penis enlargement pills.

Lastly, sexual performance will be dramatically improved. Since these sorts of pills offer so many benefits, they are the gold standard for penis enlargement.

Other Strategies for Penis Enlargement

Other strategies for penis enlargement may not offer the same multitude of benefits. However, they will work well for some men who try them.

Examples of alternate penis enlargement methods include the usage of harnesses or pumps. These types of devices may stretch the penis or temporarily boost blood flow to the genitals.

Unfortunately, using these products may cause pain, soreness and/or redness. Therefore, it’s probably safer to use penis enlargement pills before trying out these sorts of gizmos and contraptions.

Penis enlargement exercises may also provide decent benefits, as long as you practice perfect form while you do these sorts of penile workouts.

There are websites that detail a variety of penis-extending exercises. If you want to attempt these exercises, be very sure that they are safe. It is possible to injure your penis by performing some of these movements.

Now that you know more about affordable penis enlargement tips, you’ll be ready to choose the penis enlargement method that is perfect for you.

Once you’ve found the right product or technique, you’ll be primed to enjoy the sort of length and girth that you’ve always dreamed of having.

In order to experience the sort of penis growth that fills you with self-confidence, consider choosing a reliable male enhancement formula, such as VigRX Plus. When you select a formula like this, you’ll never be disappointed.

Is Penis Enlargement Really Possible?

penis-enlargement-200x300Yes, penis enlargement is really possible. However, there are some penis enlargement methods which are unlikely to bring any results at all.

To get the size gains that you’re looking for, you’ll need to learn which penis enlargement products and techniques should be avoided, and which will actually bring you the measurable results that you crave.

When you learn how to grow your penis with the right techniques and products, you’ll be able to kiss your insecurities goodbye.

Your sexual self-confidence will skyrocket, because you will know that you finally measure up.

Men who increase their penis size are go-getters who aren’t content to live with problems for the rest of their lives. Instead, they seize the day and take control, by choosing the best penis enlargement techniques.

Once you’ve discovered the ideal strategies for penis enlargement success, you’ll be ready to take control of your sex life and your personal self-esteem.

So, what are you waiting for? Now is the right time to learn what works, and what is definitely not worth your time or money.

Learn What Works and What Does Not

First off, most ointments and creams that are designed to increase penis size won’t do much.

These creams are topical, so they don’t provide long-lasting benefits. If you’re planning on investing in penis enlargement creams and ointments, you may better off spending your money on more reliable products, such as high-quality penis enlargement pills.

When you spend cash on creams and ointments, you are likely to be very disappointed in the results that they bring.

Basically, they typically provide no positive results at all. In a nutshell, no cream, lotion or unguent has the power to make your penis longer and/or thicker.

These products get poor reviews from real-life guys, and they may also be quite smelly and expensive.

Therefore, staying away from creams and ointments may be a wise way to avoid disappointment. Avoiding these ineffective products will also save you tons of wasted time, money and energy.

Penis exercise programs work for some guys. These exercise plans may require the usage of expensive and uncomfortable harnesses or devices. However, there are some exercise plans that don’t require accessories.

These exercises work by stretching the penis, thereby damaging tissue cells inside of the organ. New cells are created to fill the gaps created by this damage, thereby filling up the gaps and fleshing out the length and width of the penis.

The best strategy for making your penis longer and thicker is to invest in high-quality penis enlargement pills.

The best pills of this type will dramatically boost blood flow to the penis, making it very easy to enjoy large, hard sexy erections that appeal to intimate partners.

Instead of wasting your time on useless cure-alls that are seriously overhyped, buy penis enlargement pills today.

When you choose the right formula, you’ll see results very quickly. The benefits of these pills will continue for as long as you continue taking them.

Now that you know the answer to the question, “Is penis enlargement really possible?” you’ll be ready to choose the penis enlargement strategy that is right for you.

What You Need to Know About Penis Enlargement

Are you unhappy with the size of your penis? If you are, you’re certainly not alone.

male-enhancement-pills-workToday, millions of men all over the world search for penis enlargement techniques that will help them to achieve longer, thicker phalluses.

However, all penis enlargement methods are not created equal.

To help you find truly effective methods that will assist you in enjoying tangible, measurable results, we’ve created a helpful quick guide to the best penis enlargement products and techniques.

Once you’ve learned how these methods work, you’ll be in a better position to choose the penis enlargement technique or product that is just right for you.
Penis Enlargement Pills are the Best Solution

These days, men are undergoing plastic surgery in order to augment their penises and make them look more impressive.

However, this expensive and invasive form of plastic surgery comes with risks, such as infection, impotence, and lumps along the penis shaft.

Instead of going under the knife in order to get the larger penis that you crave, why not choose an all-natural, one hundred percent safe penis enlargement method?

High-quality penis enlargement pills are loaded with natural active ingredients that boost blood flow to the penis.

Men who use these holistic and gentle pills on a regular basis notice improved erection size, as well as the sort of rock-hard erections that inevitably lead to truly fulfilling sex lives.

Affordable and readily available through online store fronts, great penis enlargement pills, such as VigRX Plus, also stoke the male libido, helping to cure loss of desire that may hinder romantic relationships.

In some cases, these pills may also improve male reproductive health, and ease sexual dysfunction issues, such as weak erections or premature ejaculation

Since natural penis enlargement pills work without causing adverse side effects or symptoms, they are wonderful choices for health-conscious men.

Penis Enlargement Exercises Work for Some Men

While not as effective as the best penis enlargement pills, penis enlargement exercises do offer benefits to some men who try them.

To get results from penis enlargement exercises, you must have the discipline to perform them with perfect form, exactly as directed.

Some guys struggle with this, as they have difficulty doing the exercises the way that they are supposed to. In addition, they get tired, busy or bored, and simply forget about their penis exercise routines.

If you have the willpower to stick with a reputable penis enlargement exercise program, you may see size gains over time.

To get the best results, combine your exercise routine with supplements, such as high-quality penis enlargement pills.

Now that you know more about two of the most effective penis enlargement techniques, you’ll be able to choose the right methods for your personal needs.

In almost all cases, taking highly-rated penis enlargement pills will be the key to growing your penis from one to three inches, while also enjoying increases in thickness.

Make the most of your penis by choosing penis enlargement pills today.

In just weeks, you’ll feel happier with your penis size, and results will continue for as long as you take your preferred safe, natural and gentle formula.

How to Naturally Increase the Size of Your Penis

penis-size-statue-2011-03-23Penis enlargement exercises are by far one of the more popular ways to natural increase the size of your penis.

Unfortunately, it is a method that is dramatically underutilized, mainly because not a lot of men with small penis problems are aware of them.

The purpose of this article is to teach you a few ways to naturally increase the size of your penis via penis enlargement exercises.

Should You Purchase Packaged Penis Exercise Programs?

The first question you probably have is whether or not to invest in a packaged penis exercise program.

Before you decide to invest in one, remember that there are a variety of free exercise programs available on the Internet.

The difference between the two isn’t very drastic and the results that you experience will be directly correlated with your ability to follow directions and stay disciplined throughout the process.

Let’s look at some a few differences between the two options:

  • Free Exercises: You’ll save a lot of money. The only potential downside is that you won’t receive as good of results as you were originally intending.
  • Packaged Exercises: You’ll pay more money but you’ll also increase the likelihood of the entire process working in your favor.

Which route you decide to take, keep in mind that penis enlargement exercise programs are a safe and natural way to increase the size of your penis.

You’ll be able to add a least an inch to the current size of your penis as well as increase its thickness. One very popular program that a lot of men are attracted to is the VigRx-Plus Package.

While this package isn’t free, it can be a cost-friendly route to take in the world of expensive penis enlargement exercise packages.

Other Considerations

In short, there are ways to naturally increase the size of your penis and penis enhancing exercise is a good place to start.

Another option that you could take is penis enlargement pills. These tend to be made from 100% natural materials and can be quite effective in regards to increase penis length and width.

Which route you decide to take, make sure that you are staying dedicated the process otherwise; you won’t receive very good results.

And make sure that you are comparing the various products out there to ensure that you are investing in a naturally based penis enlargement method that works.

Do Penis Enlargement Products Really Work?

measuring tape with tabletsIn today’s day and age, finding penis enlargement products are not hard to find.

They’re advertised on the Internet, in men’s magazines, and even on radio talk shows.

At times, it can be difficult to not notice their increasing popularity all around the world.

So, do they really work and do they have any negative side effects? We will answer these questions, and more, in the following article.

What is the Average Size of a Male Penis?

Before we dive in to talk about penis enlargement products, we’ll first spend some time discussing what the average size of the male penis is.

Keep in mind that this is a relatively common issue, considering that all men want to please their woman as much as possible during sex.

Having a small penis dramatically decreases the amount of pleasure that both parties experience. With that being said, here are a few things to consider:

  •  The average male penis is only about 5 inches when it is erect and 3 inches when it isn’t.
  • Penises that are considered “small” tend to be less than 3 inches when erect.

Most men would be surprised to find out that they actually aren’t experiencing a problem and that they are in fact “normal”.
Types of Penis Enlargement Products

The good news is that you can increase the size of your penis using various penis enlargement products.

Whether you have a small penis or an average sized one, most of these methods are quite effective and can work with the right amount of dedication.

Vacuum pumps are probably one of the hotter products on the market today.

They use suction technology to stretch and pull on penis tissue in order to allow more blood flow through them. Penis enlargement exercise programs have also become quite popular.

You’ll generally have two options with these: paid or non-paid programs.  While you’ll pay less with the latter, paid programs tend to be much more effective in the long run.


Above all, stretching the penis can work wonders. There are ways to effectively stretch the penis using weights so that you can increase it by about an inch.

Just remember to be extremely cautious while doing this because failing to do so can result in the damaging of your penis and/or the tissues and muscles around it.

Remember that penis enlargement products require a great amount of consistency and with enough discipline you can achieve the results you’re searching for.

Can You Increase the Size of Your Penis Without Surgery?

about-weight-loss-surgery-ga-1You’ve probably witnessed hundreds of testimonials about men who have successfully increased the size of their penis without surgery?

But are they true? And do these results work long-term? First off, note that surgery should be a last resort and one that should be taken once you’ve exhausted all other penis enlargement methods.

With that being said, let’s take a look at a few of those methods and discuss their benefits and how they work.

Are There Any Drawbacks to Penis Enlargement Surgery?

Many experts suggest that you try to find another method for increasing the size of your penis rather than surgery.

The reason why is because there are a few potential drawbacks that you’ll have to deal with should the surgery go wrong.

For example, some men experience loss of feeling in their penis while others lose their ability to generate erections as a whole.

As we previously mentioned, they should be avoided when there are safer and more effective methods out there.

Pumps, Pills, and Gels

Fortunately, we live in a day and age where penis enlargement products are everywhere. More specifically, you can use penis pumps, gels, ointments, and even pills to increase your male region area.

The best part is that most of the methods we just pointed out are very safe and relatively simple to apply. For example, penis pumps utilize suction technology to pull and stretch the tissues within the penis.

They should be used for six to seven hours a day and for at least six months straight. As a result, this is an option that will require a lot of dedication.

Pills can be quite effective as well, considering that they are all-natural and safe. Finally, you can place gels or ointments on your penis to increase its size.

Just make sure that you test the products in small dosages to ensure that your body doesn’t experience a negative reaction to them.

How Much Do Penis Enlargement Products Cost?

The amount of money that you spend on penis enlargement products ultimately depends on which ones you purchase.

For example, pills can cost as low as $20 for a bottle but usually hover around $50 or $60. Penis pumps will generally cost over $100 within the better ones hovering around the $200 range.

Finally, penis enlargement ointments will cost about $30 with the best ones hovering around $50.

An In-Depth Look at Penis Extenders

penis-extender-handIf you’re currently in the process of understanding how male penis extenders then you’ve come to the right place.

Penis enlargement can be a tricky subject to tackle as a whole so it is best to learn as much about it as possible before partaking in these methods.

In the following article, we’ll talk more about penis extenders as well as how they work.

What are Penis Extenders?

In short, penis extenders are devices that are placed over the penis to increase its size. They use suction to stretch penis tissue and ultimately increase the size of the blood vessels within the penis.

As a result, males are able to experience a dramatic increase in penis size as well as longer erections with minimal chances of premature ejaculation.

You may have seen these devices heavily advertise all across the Internet and are probably wondering if whether or not they work.

First, let’s take a quick moment to discuss their origins as well as how to effectively use these products.

Brief History of Penis Extenders

Modern day penis extenders were first witnessed in the early 90’s and has quickly increased in popularity since then.

A relatively unheard of Danish company was the first to create penis extenders. They put the product through dozens and dozens of clinical trials to ensure its safety and once it passed, turned the penis extender into a worldwide industry.

Today, you can find penis extenders almost anywhere and men all around the world use them.

How Long Do Results Take to Occur?

So, how exactly does a product like this work? Well you already know that suction technology is used to stretch the tissues and blood tissues within the penis.

Keep in mind that this is a practice that you’ll need to follow at least six hours a day for at least six months.

Yes, it incorporates a lot of discipline but experts have already suggested that this is a sure-fire and effective way to increase the size of your penis.


Penis extenders are one of the prime products being offered in the penis enlargement industry.

One of the main reasons why is because they are user-friendly, cost-efficient, and perfectly safe.

As a matter of fact, the average user of a product like this is able to increase the size of their penis but nearly thirty percent in regards to length and twenty percent in regards to thickness.